FormCutter 3.0

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  • 3DS MAXScript
  • Version Requirement: 3ds Max 2017-2024 x64

What is FormCutter?

It is used to cut inward or outward in objects along a freehand path that you draw with the tool, and provides various ways to do so.

FormCutter covers a range of uses, from quick ideation to final output, to developing interactive projects and playing with your ideas, including a few options to help you to improve the aesthetics of your designs.

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  • Real-time Cuts.
  • Minimalist UI with many types of icons and color themes.
  • Docking UI to: top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left.
  • Actions cut type: cut, split, add, carve, draw;
  • Draw cut shapes type: circle, box, ngon, shape and mesh.
  • Draw cut shapes on the surface of the mesh or on screen view.
  • Library to store ngons, shapes and meshes.
  • Mirror drawing shapes in 2D axis in local or world space.
  • Clone drawing shapes by grid or radial layout.
  • Grid snap and face mesh vertices snap.
  • Angle snap by 45 degree.
  • Align drawing orientation by hit surface.
  • Tools: cloth panel, variable round, chamfer, shell, symmetry, pivot.


When you purchase a Membership, you have access to the tool and its free updates for a year and if a Membership is cancelled, you can continue to use the tool for an unlimited period of time, but you'll have access to the content up until the date when the Membership would have been renewed.

Node-Locked License

The type of license is Node-Locked License, that means a license key is for use on a computer, and is tied to that computer Physical (MAC) Address.

When you purchase a gumroad memberships Tier, you need to add in Physical (MAC) Address field your computer Physical (MAC) Addresses in a format without spaces or special characters ("-", ".", ":", etc.).

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Note: The Physical (MAC) Address field can no longer be changed after you have made the purchase.

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FormCutter 3.0

3 ratings